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    2. "‎Hans Holbein the Younger was born into a family of painters in the German city of Augsburg in 1498. His father Hans Holbein the Elder, was well-known in his town so he's referred to as 'the Younger’. Early in his career, he worked as an illustrator in Switzerland and painted wall decorations for government buildings. When he became an artist at the court of Henry VIII of England, he designed drawings for all kinds of decorative objects: buttons, jewelry, furniture etc. However, he owes his fame to his portraits. For example, he painted the Ambassadors or the portrait of Erasmus in 1523. He shaped Henry VIII's public image so decisively that even today we imagine him exactly as Holbein portrayed him. The same can be said of More, and other personalities of the Tudor court. The most iconic image Holbein created was the full-length, full-frontal portrait of Henry VIII he incorporated into a mural in the Palace of Whitehall in 1537. It was destroyed by fire but its copy is still in good conditions." Except for super minor mistakes, it's all correct and very natural-sounding😊

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