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    2. That's not so easy to explain. Generally, both "ansagen" and "ankündigen" can be used to announce something/someone, but "ansagen" usually announces things that are just about to happen, e.g. announcing a musician as he's about to get on stage, "ankündigen" doesn't have this restriction and can even be used to announce things that are still a long time in the future, e.g. the UK announcing in 2017 that it would leave the EU two years later. "verkünden" usually means to make a specific information/decision/result publicly known. So you would rather translate it as "to proclaim" than "to announce". Der Moderator hat gerade die nächste Band angesagt. Der Premierminister hat gestern seinen Rücktritt angekündigt. Es wird erwartet, dass der Richter morgen das Urteil verkündet.

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