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    2. Today, I want to talk about the story of the students in Waseda which my mother talked about for dinner, My family became a host family about 15 years ago. She said we took care of many students from many countries, and  students from Waseda were so unique among these students . The person I was most interested was on of these girls who came here about 10 years ago. She was friendly but didn't care about being alone. So after she went home, she would study in her room and run around the house. Then during spring vacation, she traveled alone along the sea for 2 weeks only by train. My host mother worried about her because a lady travelling alone in a foreign country is a little bit dangerous. But she didn't care so much, and she came back without any problem. Still now , she sometimes contacts my mother and comes to the house once a year by trip. My mother said she works for TV Asahi now and is married. I want to meet her and listen to her story someday.

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