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    2. These are the mistakes I picked out, there may be more but I hope I helped! Mistake 1. 'live' you should use the word lives, because the plural of life is lives Mistake 2. 'in their fourteen', it doesn't make sense. Instead, say who are fourteen. Mistake 3. Where you placed 'her life' does not make a lot of sense. Instead you could say, 'so her life hit me really hard' or you could remove 'her life' from the sentence and add a comma after 'hard' Mistake 4. 'beggining' is spelt wrong, the correct way is beginning. Mistake 5. 'novelle', to my knowledge, it's not the right word to use. You could either use the words novella, novel or book. Mistake 6. 'spend his free time' 'support of his friend' 'His abusive dad', the wrong pronoun is used. Should use her and not his because Francesca is a girl. Mistake 8. 'just if they like' remove the word just, it is not necessary in the sentence.

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