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    2. This is quite tricky. Perhaps I should leave it for someone who can write in Arabic to answer, but I'll give it a go. In English we have a saying 'You made your own bed, now lie in it.' What it means is that 'you created your own problem, now you have to put up with the consequences'. E.g. if someone insists that they want to buy a sports car, but they find that it's expensive and unreliable, someone might say 'You made your own bed, now lie in it.' And that would mean 'You bought that car, so you have to put up with the problems caused by buying it.' The song is about someone who used to be the singer's friend, but isn't now. I suspect the song is using a bit of 'You made your own bed, now lie in it'. But, with the meaning being that when the other person's spine (in the meaning of courage), it annoyed the singer's character, and contributed to their relationship failing. The 'you made your bed' being 'if you don't like the fact that we aren't friends anymore, well that's your fault.' The lyrics 'you know you asked for this' in the song (yes, I looked it up :) ) suggest to me that my interpretation might be correct. Maybe, I don't know for sure.

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