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    2. It would sound more natural if you include these: ​​the story takes place in scotland between 1039 and 1040. The story begins with the three witches; they say that Macbeth will be the King of Scotland. He believes this and his wife tells him to kill the current King, King Duncan. Macbeth kills him and becomes the King of Scotland. Banquo and his son understand what Macbeth has done, but Macbeth sends his man to kill them. They kill Banquo but his son runs away. During the banquet, he sees the ghost of his friend, Banquo. Then his men kill the family of Macduff, after lady Macbeth dies (maybe suicide). Macduff and Malcolm are coming to the castle. The story finishes with the death of Macbeth. Malcolm becomes the King of Scotland.

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    2. , literature and life, or art and reality, is always changing. **NEW PARAGRAPH Regarding formalism, the play “Macbeth”* (you can use quotes or italics, it depends on what style guide your teacher recommends) is *completely not familiar to our context, time and views.* (rewrite this, so it's understandable, I get what you are saying, but it could be better written) It took place in England, 1606, during the reigns of Queen Elizabeth I and King James I. On one hand, Macbeth is set in a hierarchical world in which loyalty and service to the king is rewarded with titles and land. *On the other hand,* (personally, I think dichotomy works better here, it's less colloquial and more academic) there are supernatural forces. Three witches appear in ‘thunder and lightning’, which provide an atmosphere of chaos, disaster and disturbance because of the battle. (you didn't mention a battle before, this is confusing to the reader) In addition, it sets a dark and violent mood. (fill out this sentence) They (who?) are known as imperfect speakers, the instruments of darkness, and weird sisters. The witches can turn themselves into animals, like rats and cats, and can change weather conditions. There is a connection between the witches and Norse mythology because they both allude to a controlled destiny.(or something similar) They (who ? witches? Norse?) resorted to the numbers 3, 6 and 9 to get power. numbers what? For example, in Act I Scene iii , "So foul and fair a day I have not seen" links Macbeth to the Witches and their "Foul is fair prophecy”. The Witches talked about sending a storm out on a sailor's ship so that he won't be able to sleep... The sailor is a metaphor for what will happen to Macbeth, who’s made sleepless by guilt.

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