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    2. Hello everybody Today I would like to present my 8 Secrets of Success I chose this topic because it was interesting to me. I hope my presentation will interest you. Let's start On the first slide I have the 8 secrets of success The first trait on my list is PASSION The second trait is WORK The third trait is FOCUS The fourth trait is PUSH The fifth trait is IDEAS The sixth trait is IMPROVEMENT The seventh trait is SERVICE And the eighth trait is PERSISTENCE Ok, now, more detail about each of this traits 1 The first one - PASSION PASSION is a strong and barely controllable emotion. The secret of it is "to do things for love not for money" 2 The second one - WORK But not just work ... .. hard work "All successful people work really hard" 3 The third one - FOCUS This means - ability to see clearly. (Actually it means the ability to concentrate without being distracted) 4 The fourth one - PUSH (I think a better word is DRIVE) Great people just keep pushing yourself 5 The fifth one - IDEAS It means you have to find your purpose in this world. 6 The sixth one - IMPROVEMENT (Maybe PRACTICE?) If you want to improve, you need practice, practice and practice. 7 The seventh one - SERVICE Billionaires all provide something of value. 8 And Finally the eighth one - PERSISTENCE PERSISTENCE means continuing to try to do something despite difficulties, especially when other people are against you. Now, LETS RECAP the 8 SECRETS OF SUCCESS PASSION WORK FOCUS PUSH IDEAS IMPROVEMENT SERVICE PERSISTENCE As Farrah Gray said "Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs" Thank you for your attention!

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