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    2. Hahaha i have heard it before but it might sound a little old.

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    2. Blondes are girls with fair or pale yellow colored hair. "Blondes have more fun" is a stereotype that's said to express the common belief that men are more attracted to women with blonde hair and give them more attention. Hope this helped :)

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    2. @goozz That’s okay! I just wanted to make sure :3 Songs typically have a lot of different meanings and it is up to the listener to interpret. Some have clear messages but in “What’s Up” the song gives more room to let yourself give it a meaning. Here are some of my personal interpretations: The song is asking what is going on in the world. “That this world is made up of a brotherhood” could be referring to the government or society in general whilst the revolution could be the need for change. It could also be debated that the song is about someone’s life. For twenty-five years (their age) they’ve been trying to find their destination in life. However, they’re alone or have no idea where they’re heading. My final personal interpretation is that it could be about mental illness. They’re struggling to find hope, etc. Many people have speculated it could be about the fact that they were an openly lesbian band. The singer is talking about brotherhood of man as it being a man’s world with no place for female’s/women like her. Honestly, it’s up to the listener to analyze the lyrics and come up with their own meaning. A lot of times I relate the current state of the world to, “What’s going on?”, even if it doesn’t fit all the lyrics.

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