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    2. @dentihs: The grammar of the sentence is a little off, it's missing a 'the' before military. It's saying, why would they(North Korea) reject the nuke freeze(request that they stop producing and developing nuclear devices) for the military maneuvers offer? grammatical pattern: Why would they refuse to give up (A) for (B)?

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    2. Operation Desert Storm was an operation of the US Military in Iraq I feel a ____ coming on" is a structure that basically expresses the same thing as それ来た It means you expect something is about to happen that you have no control over. "I feel a song coming on" --> Someone's (maybe even you're) about to sing, and it can't be stopped "I feel a Desert Storm Story coming on" --- he's about to tell a story, and she knows it, and it can't be stopped. Now, the only reason she's able to expect it is because it's happened before. He probably tells war stories a lot, even when no one wants to hear them.

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    2. That makes sense.

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