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    2. It all boils down to this.

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    2. Yeah, "boils my blood" means "makes me angry". No, desu is not a period. "desu" is a Japanese copula. Basically it is an affirmative, meaning "it is" or "am". In simple examples like "oishii desu" it means "It is delicious." Think a bit like Yoda - "Delicious it is". There are various forms of the verb as well so you might hear "da" or "datta" or "desu yo" or "da ne". Definition The Japanese word desu is a copula: a word that links the subject of a sentence with the verb.[1] A close English approximation of this would be the words "this (that, he, she, it, etc) is" unless it's coupled with an adjective or a verb. Regardless of how it is used, its main function is to end sentences intended to be a statement. Due to the grammatical structure in Japanese, desu and verb tenses are used at the end of a sentence or phrase. (ex. "This is Sushi" would be translated into "Kore wa sushi desu." and "I like Sushi" would be "Sushi ga suki desu")

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