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    2. I think what's important to understand here is doppleganger and Narcissus. Do you understand what these words mean? This isn't the easiest thing to read, even for a native speaker. a Doppelganger = copy of yourself. Narcissus bot = copy of yourself that (loves himself best, "in love with himself".) So while a doppelganger is just a copy, NARCISSUS (where the word narcissist comes from) is more than that. He's in love with himself, and his beauty, obsessed with himself and what he looks like. (and how everyone else isn't as beautiful as him). To have a robot like this, would be stupid, everyone would be considered "less than" him. Less perfect, less beautiful, less everything. If it was a copy of yourself, your doppelganger, but was Narcissus - would he love you like himself? Would you be as perfect in his eyes as he is perfect in his own eyes?

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