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    2. Before I start, I just want to say that volunteering is a great pleasure. I served at subway stations such as Gupabal station and Bulkwang station last summer vacation. The service took about three to four hours each time. In these volunteer activities, I guided people to the entrance or the bathroom. This volunteer work required standing for a long time. It was a volunteer activity that lasted about an hour and then I took a 10-minute break, but my legs were not very suitable for standing for a long time. However, when I was thanked after guiding people, all the fatigue was relieved. I could feel the importance and pride of the volunteer work there, and the power of gratitude. Finally, after graduating from high school, I want to do volunteer work teaching computer science to children who have not yet learned it. Because I am interested in both education and computers, I think applying such interests and talents would be a very useful volunteer activity. I hope that by volunteering to teach computer science, children will be able to access computers a little easier and faster so that they can fully adapt to the 21st century where computer use is important.

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