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    2. It's "bucks." 1,000,000 bucks = 1,000,000 dollars

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    2. 'Thread' is a thin material used mostly in clothing. 'Wrinkled' means something that is folded. The word is usually used in skin or paper. 'Kettle' is a kitchen utensil that is used to heat water. 'Daresay' is used when you think that something is probable to happen. 'Hatchet' is a small axe. 'Shot' can be used in different ways such as 'shot a photo' or 'shot the bird'. 'Trout' is a kind of fish. 'Jug' is a container for water. 'Snug' can be used as 'snug in bed', 'the shoes were snug'-little. 'Bunks' are places where people can reside to seek shelter or it can be a 'bunkbed' that means double decker bed. 'Hams' are meat usually from pigs. I believe 'gum boots' is a British slang for 'gums'. 'Oilskins' are materials that are water-proof since it has oil.

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