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    2. XXX-sounding basically means that someone (or an organization) appears to be like XXX, but you don't have concrete evidence to back it up.. It's another way of saying: Skydiving sounds like fun. or Tom sounds nice. In both of those examples, You are forming an opinion based on what you have heard, but you have no first-hand experience with it, not verifiable evidence about it. Natto sounds like something I wouldn't like, but I've never tried it. A moderate-sounding republican is someone who *says* things that make people believe they are moderate, but they don't have an actual track record in government to prove they really are "moderate." When used in the context of politics, a moderate is someone who does not support the extreme of his/her party. So for a republican, this would mean they can be liberal on some issues. A moderate democrat would be conservative on some issues. And yes, the party leader they are referring to is Pence.

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    2. 1. Buttigieg says his last name is pronounced "BOOT-edge-edge" 2. Buttigieg is young and gay, that’s why Trump believes that as President he will have zero authority with Chinese bosses

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    2. Media bubble is a recent concept that derives from social media algorithms, basically, by always liking and commenting on the same opinions, the social media only shows that opinion to you, because that's what you like, causing you to only get a certain type of information delivered. Example: you're leftist and you like to make that clear on Facebook, so it only suggests good news about the left or bad news about the right, so, because you only get these news, you believe that the left is great and the right is terrible, when in fact, that's not necessarily true. Also, to retreat means to retire, pull back, go away

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