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Q: What is the difference between CH , SH , TCH in Words Ending ?? please native speaker only and show me how to pronounce all of them in Additional Information and CH , SH , TCH in Words Ending ?
A: KKK so many chhhhhshhhtchh ( i sound like a 9 year old soorrry) basically ch and tch have about the same sound as in CHew and touCH and maTCH all the chh basically and sh is like when someone says to make silence "shhh" i think the difference between ch and tch would be the pause if you notice in TCH there is a veeeerry small pause..

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? CH 3700 스피츠 Seestrasse 58
A: Spiez Seestrasse 58

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Q: Please show me how to pronounce CH : Such , each , beach , touch , resreach , lunch , which , rich SH : dish , fresh , flash , punish , establish ,wish , cash TCH : witch , catch , watch , ditch , match , sketch.
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Q: Compared with CH group and control group, the level of fecal bifidobacterium and bacteroidaceae significantly decreased, while the level of enterobacteriaceae and yeasts increased.The levels of endotoxins, TFN-alpha, IL-1beta and total bilirubin (TBil) in CSH group were significantly increased in varying degrees.The level of blood endotoxins was positively correlated with the levels of blood TNF-alpha, IL-1beta and TBil.There was a positive correlation between the level of blood endotoxins and enterobacteriaceae and a negative correlation between the level of blood endotoxins and the amount of bacteroidaceae. Patients of CSH suffered from severe intestinal dysbacteriosis and damage of gut microbiological colonization resistance. These changes in intestinal micro flora in CSH patients were associated with the rise of blood endotoxins and the progress of liver damage. Please tell me if there are improper expressions and correct them. does this sound natural?
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