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    2. Well, atelectasis is a collapsed lung, and hypoxia is when a part of your body isn't getting enough oxygen, so I I think "sigh" still refers to an exhale, but in a more serious setting. It's less of a chagrined response, and more of a body function that allows you to release air.

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    2. To be compromised means to be exposed to danger, suspicion or disrepute. In the text it might mean that even the people who weren't the 'true believers' had risked so much (maybe money or reputation) to back Mussolini's 'carreer' that when he returned you could not withdraw your support now. or It might mean that being a true beliver alredy means you are 'compromised' ie. happily willing to sacrifice your safety, wealth and reputation for the cause and his return provided a situation there was no turning back from. Hope this helps.

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