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Q: What does Calling you mean?
A: When some is “calling you” they are using there phone to get in touch with you. 😊
Q: What does Calling it off mean?
A: canceling something!
Q: What does Calling mean?
A: Calling = the job you are meant to do
"John became a priest because he had a calling"

calling = name
"They are calling the ship 'John' but I think that's a little weird."

calling = use the telephone
"People always end up calling me when I am having dinner"
"Call me around six."
"I called her but she didn't answer."

calling = to yell loudly to get someone's attention
"I better go home, I hear my mom calling me"

It can be used a few more ways, but these are most common.

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Q: Calling while you are driving is dangerous. Does this sound natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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