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    2. Careers choices are very important decisions for our lifetimes, especially in modern times. There are two main opinions on how one should choose a cater. Some people believe that parents should choose careers for their children. Children are too young to make such important decisions that will affect their whole lives. A child might make a decision that destroys the rest of his or her life. On the other hand, some say that children should choose their jobs by themselves. They have their own minds and can choose a career that they like. They want to take charge of their own lives. In my opinion, both points are partially true. I think that we should make our own choices, but we should also consider our parents' advice. We should get all of the important details to help us make the best choose. We shouldn't regret what happens next, because we are the ones who made the choices.

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    2. Hie Sofie! The presentation is good but there is one grammatical error I picked up. Careers advisers is two plurals in one sentence. The ok thing to say would be career advisers.

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    2. Generally speaking, there are many reasons why people decide to learn a foreign language. 
First and foremost, the concept of work. Due to globalization and free trade, many corporations require that their employees are fluent in a second language. In addition, if a professional were to have knowledge of a second language, he/she would have higher chances of finding a job, and will stand out in a selective process. 
When we learn a different language, we also gain knowledge. Not only do we know about some criteria such as grammatical aspects, vocaburary,etc, but we also learn about the culture of the country where the language we are learning is spoken. It goes without saying that the more inmersed we are in the language, the better outcome we will have. Furthermore, should we want to have a proficiency level, we should have to read an array of materials from different topics.
 In terms of traveling, for instance, a person is interested in living in another country for working or personal issues, it is advisable that some criteria regarding to the learningship of the language should be met. Otherwise, he will have great difficulty in interacting and communicating with others. Learning the basics of the language can also be useful whether in times of pleasure or for work matters. 
All in all, the advantages of learning a foreign language proves to be a better option. Enjoy

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