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    2. Nature is not only silent and resilient. Sometimes its magnifience is revealed through an explosion of colours. So, almost by chance, you find yourself walking the right way. That is when you realize that there is no path: you create the path yourself simply by walking and allowing yourself to enjoy the moment. These are the Plains of Castelluccio (Piana di Castelluccio) in the highland of Sibillini mountains during the striking blooming of a wide variety of flowers: blue cornflowers, red poppies, yellow lentil flowers... Remember: take all the pictures you want, but do not step on the flowers or pick them up! Is this not extraordinary? The Plains of Castelluccio (Piana di Castelluccio) are a good reason to leave the big roads and take the narrow paths.... On the narrow paths, you can rediscover your hidden feelings, such as in this stunning contemporary painting, part of the "ARTWORK TITLE" series, an original pictorial work that explores what we are but do not wish to show: aggression and its multiple forms and colours. The prevalence of yellow gives life to intertwining or superimposed cuneiform organisms, creating a visual effect of absolute fullness and complementarity. Staying on this path, the extraordinary spectacles of nature, such as the flowering of the Plains of Castelluccio (Piana di Castelluccio), are a masterpiece that everyone should see at least once in their life. The colour of summer is yellow, like the contemporary painting "ARTWORK TITLE", like this cheerful wild mustard flower (Sinapis arvensis)... The colour of summer is yellow, like the contemporary painting "ARTWORK TITLE" whose abstract forms colour remind me of this bucolic landscape... I choose my path, as do you, but wouldn’t it be nice to sometimes wander aimlessly?

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