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    2. About me Hello! I’m Kanjamad but you can call me Por. Coding has changed my world. For me, coding is not just about apps because I've developed my skills with it and also found a way to communicate with other people with regards to technicality. Developing websites is one of the things that I can do and I think that this can help me in finding a stable job in the future. I've gained all my knowledge about this platform at Khan Academy, SoloLearn, w3school, Codeacademy, freecodecamp, and creating a simple game from Scratch where they built my self-esteem and kept me motivated. I joined Web Development Meetup to begin fostering relationships in the industry and network with individuals who have the same passion as me. I am from Thailand and I have a background with Chemistry science degree, I worked at National Cancer Institute in Thailand. I came to USA in 2014 with a student exchange visa. I stayed with my host family in San Jose City, which is also where rolling hills in Silicon Valley is located, it is a major technology hub in California's Bay Area. My host family graduated from MIT and worked double jobs as they focused on studying technology as well as working inside their homes. That means they can work everywhere. Isn't that amazing?! I've always wanted to do that. I live in Silicon Valley and I saw how technology change the world with things like Google car self driving, Virtual reality (VR), NASA, Apple, Facebook, Youtube, etc. That's when I started taking an interest in programming. I started teaching myself how to code by reading books, getting in the free website, and joining free classes. The problem is that English isn't my first language my first language so I have a problem when it comes to my accent and I think that it puts me at a disadvantage. Not a problem for me at all because I love seeing myself making cool thinks like animations, games, blogs and many more. Now I got married and of course I want to stay in the US with my husband and have a good career. I decide to develop my skills more at UC Berkeley coding bootcamp. My class started on September 10, 2018. I also do this blog because I want to help Thai people who are interested to learn coding but don’t know where to start. I want to help people who are experiencing the same situation as me. The ones who needs to learn English and coding at the same time. We all need a friend who can help us with coding. Everything is free and I just want to help people succeed. Feel free to contact me!!!

    1. Other types of questions
    2. Your sentence sounds natural! And congratulations on finishing your course!

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