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    2. I want to tell you about the primates which live in Africa- namely in Senegal. They are kind of monkey. Interestingly, They're called Kejamas. I don't know why but that’s a fact. These animals have similarities with Colobus Guereza but the color of wool is different: Colobus has black and white colors whilst the Kejama has a greenish shade. These monkey-like creatures live in the jungle and they usually eat nuts, fruits, flowers, and seeds. In a word, they're omnivores. It's worth noting the fact that Kejamas are always in groups called troops. They gather together to protect each other from the danger that might be in the jungle. This type of monkey is very lucky because they have one ally among the animals: the African wild dogs. These dogs are afraid of entering the jungle to look for any snakes or spiders to eat, so they ask the monkeys for help and in return they receive protection from Hyenas, Koets, etc. They concluded an agreement on favorable terms for both sides. Let's face the truth; these wild dogs are used to living off these monkeys. But Kejamas can be certain that their allies won't stab them in the back. By the way, while on the subject of confidence, I saw the video where some primates wanted to walk around so they could see their mates which were near them. You won't believe me but the monkeys were as cool as a cucumber. I mean it! They were so calm and confident - maybe they considered themselves as the Lords of that location at that point. Even if the monkeys have a plan for how to protect themselves, this task is really tough now and then as their friends eat like a horse and it takes a lot of time to find food for them etc. There were some situations where the wild dogs were fastidious and they made the monkeys come back to the jungle in order to find other food. No wonder monkeys are said to be really smart -they cheat their mates now and then and pretend to feel under the weather to get some days off. Finally, I'd like to tell you where to find more information about these animals. I'll write the resource down. Nowhere. Because it was only my imagination. This kind of animal doesn't exist

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