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    2. Just a figure of speech. 😊 If something "freezes" it stays still, frozen. If something comes to a halt, it immediately comes to a stop.

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    2. ela vem

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    2. The effects of your actions will come back to you. If you are kind to other people, they will treat you well. If you mistreat other people, eventually you will be mistreated too.

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    2. It comes down to this moment. I am coming down with the flu. Come down here. First one means that a final decision of some sort depends on this moment. Second means that you are catching the flu/getting sick. The fourth is a command. You're telling someone who is presumably above you to come down to where you are.

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    2. Comesvfrom is about the source of something... Where it was made, or where they were born. The man came from England. Milk and cheese come from a cow's milk. Our modern problems with pollution come from our extensive use of fossil fuels such as gasoline and coal. It is about the BEGINNING of something. Comes down to is less about the source and cause, and more about what happens in the END. It is often used for a decision we would make if forced to choose, or how a story ended (after we spent a lot of time thinking about the possibilities). like both chocolate and coffee​, but when it comes down to it, I'll choose coffee over chocolate every time. Margaret had been interviewing applicants for weeks, and they were all great. But when it came down to it, she had to choose George for the job, because he had so much more experience than the others. The game was tight, 0-0 for the first 60 minutes. When it came down to it, though, the Irish team played better, scoring two points in the last ten minutes of the game

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    2. "do you eat at home or at school?"

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