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    2. They are very similar as they both mean to be precise or definitive

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    2. ‎Although controversial, it is said that parents could be the best teachers ever by some people. However, based on a couple of examples and reasons I have, I am highly opposed to the idea considering parents to be the greatest teachers. First of all, since parents are *likely to be emotionally attached to their children, they tend to lack the *ability to educate their kids in objective ways. ("Objective" already covers point of view so you might want to shorten your sentence by using "ability" instead to make the meaning clearer) To put it concretely, *learning under parents will bring out emotional rages to either parents or their children, often followed by scolding and constant frustration *towards each counterpart. (Teaching from parents sounds slightly unnatural, learning under them is better) Second, due to varying socioeconomic backgrounds, it is apparent that not all parents are qualified to teach their children as some of the parents don't have academic degrees at all. (Or you can say "not academically qualified) 😉 If those with low education teach children, children will be left to learn inadequate contents of knowledge by any means. 👌🏻👌🏻 Its great! Just some suggestions ☺️ If you can shorten long sentences, and avoid repeating words, it will sound much more natural and professional💪🏻

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    2. For these activities, many nations strive to study about stem cells and invest a huge sum of money in it. Yet, for all of the scientists research and studies, they were not able to prove it concretely. Concretely prove it.

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    2. do it = murder her

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    2. There are various ways for people to shop such as online shopping and home shopping. Many people these days think that shopping online is the best way to buy products because it saves time. However, I firmly believe that shopping in store is a more effective method when you consider buying something. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. First and foremost, you can get good advice from the staff. The store provides its customers skilled and proficient staff that help you compare products. A highly disciplined employee, especially one who is specialized in their field, can attribute significantly to customers’ buying decisions and make a better environment for the customer as a whole. For example, last year I wanted to buy a laptop. I had many questions about the computer, such as functions and components. I visited the store in person to purchase it. The staff in that shop explained concretely to my concerns and compared it carefully to its rival brand which I could not find the information on through the Internet. His explanation had been valuable for choosing my computer. If I had bought the computer online, I would have not gotten this very useful information. As this case illustrates, I believe that customers should go to a real shop in order to get data regarding the products. Second, shopping in person offers one of the reliable boosts to your mind which is responsible for feeling good. According to the various studies performed in the field of spending money at a store, when people are shopping in the market, it can release endorphins and in turn, people are more satisfied with shopping in person than shopping online. The key is that they feel happier when spending money directly in the shop. Moreover, an elegant and luxurious department store provides a perfect atmosphere for pondering since there are various items on display. These situations make people feel even happier. In conclusion, I am the type of person who spends a lot of time in stores, and while some individuals may find shopping in person to be a trivial and even unnecessary part of their life, I strongly believe that shopping in person has played a critical role in both receiving feedback from workers and feeling better.

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