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    2. - I'm going to see a movie at Le Cinema (the cinema) in Shibuya today. (Not sure if Shibuya is a city - assuming it is by the phrasing). -I will see an Italian movie called "Le Confessioni (The Confessions). -I have been excited since yesterday because one of my favorite actors, Moritz Bleibtreu, is in the movie. - I say "Le confessioni" yesterday. It had a serious plot but it seemed pointless, slow-paced, and not going anywhere. the story itself wasn't bad, but it was rather boring. Bleibtreu was good though. -I stayed home all day and studied english. when i felt too tired from studying, I played a video game. - It feels like I have played, "The Witcher 3" for almost a year. -Today I have to work. I put a coat on because the forecast said it's warm today even though it was cold. -March in Tokyo is still cold. (Spring/warm. not sure because it is unlear- i will assume you meant spring) But it will be spring soon apparently because the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. -I made plans with my friend to go cherry blossom viewing at the end of the month. We will rent a bicycle at Yoyogi park and go cycling while viewing flowers Feedback- VERY good job for being an intermediate/beginner speaker. I tried re-wording some phrases to make them more natural but I understood everything properly! Keep up the good work! p.s. Japanese Cherry Blossoms are my favorite tree and I would love to see them in person! They're beautiful! 😊

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    2. Good.

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    2. Yes "out of principle" does mean the same as "on principle"

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