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Q: What is the difference between Consists of and Contains and Include ?
A: Consists of = is made from *
Contains = has * in it (not necessarily as a part of it
Includes = has * in it

This isn't very clear, so let's try some examples.

Concrete consists of water, sand and cement. This is a list of everything that is used to make concrete, so it is a full description of what concrete is.

Concrete contains sand. This is a partial list. So you know there is sand in concrete, but you don't know what else there is.
"contains" can also be used for holding something that is not a part of you: (the concrete bowl contains an apple)

Includes refers to a thing which is considered part of a group of things.
"the word 'English' includes all citizens, no matter what their ethnic background or language".

So, we might have a concrete bowl which consists of sand, water and cement, and contains fruit, which includes cherries, bananas and apples.

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