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    2. sounds good.... This character could technically be a Chuunibyo.... She had a crappy childhood, so she acts like a kid at 16 ( she also does not go to school.... her mind being too un-balanced, she can't focus on anything for longer than ten minutes unless she's depressed...) Though, what i think I might do is that Julie is interested in horror and stuff, and some of the characters become real.... to her and her maid at least.... Also her maid ends up being a creepypasta as well... What I'm thinking of is like she makes a manga about a cursed free to play RPG that a whole school plays as part of a graduation party... Not going to reveal anymore as it will end up containing spoilers.... The only way it'll beable to spread though is via messages, posts, or E-Mails... So even though it's not smart to post it publicly and even though I should really post it on the Creepypasta website, I wont ( mostly because I can't... That site is blocked on my device, and I am not the admin.... It's a complex situation for me... so I kind of can't really explain...)

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