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Q: What does David's inquisitive spirit mean?
A: It means that David is a naturally curious person. “Inquisitive” means someone who asks questions, or someone who is curious about things. David’s “spirit” is referring to his personality, or the way he is usually. Example: “She noticed David’s ‘questioning’ (inquisitive) ‘personality’ (spirit).” In this case, spirit is used because it gives more feeling to the word. Personality is kind of bland, so using spirit captures how David is, and we can imagine the life in his eyes that goes with his spirit (how he is when he asks a question).
Q: What does David's right hand woman mean?
A: That means David’s reliable woman. Someone that he trusts with the highest regard. Whenever someone says that a person is their right hand person, that’s their best friend for life~
Q: What does David PLOUGED ON, waiting or the laughter to end. mean?
A: He continued what he was saying
Q: What does I'd marry him just for his David Hasslhof impression alone. mean?
A: his David Hasslhof impression = when he pretends to be David Hasselhoff I'd marry him just for X = I like X so much in him, that I would even marry him for this property of him. Putting it together: His David Hasselhoff imitation is so awesome, that this would be reason for me to marry him. Of course you shouldn't take this literally :)
Q: What does David isn't in very good shape. mean?
A: It means that David is not in very good physical health. He might be overweight, weak, too skinny - anything that would affect his physical ability.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with David and Goliath .
A: The fight between you and the national champion is akin to David and Goliath. 力の差の表現だ。
Q: Please show me example sentences with I used to be tied to David's work schedule. 의 뜻이 뭔가요???.
A: 1. "I used to be tied to David's work schedule, but now I have my own work schedule." 2. "I used to be tied to David's work schedule. Now we both have a different work schedule."

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Q: What is the difference between David resigned from the finance committee. and David bowed out of the finance committee. ?
A: both are almost the same. Sometimes bowed out is used in this way "I knew I would lose, so I bowed out gracefully" it kind of means to forfeit rather than resign! I hope this helps! bowed out is just a nicer way to say resign
Q: What is the difference between she got married to David and She was married to David. ?
A: In the standard sense, they basically mean the same thing. "She was married" sounds kind of passive, so it could mean she was forced to marry David... but that'd be an unusual usage. If you stress the word "was" it would mean that, in the past, she was married to David but is no longer.
Q: What is the difference between "He gives David the evil-eye during the whole lesson, though." and "He gives David the evil-eye during the whole lesson." ?
A: Here it infers reasons against the previous sentence. It's similar to starting your sentence with but. However beginning your sentence with but is not grammatically correct. So instead you say your sentence then connect it to the aforementioned sentence by using 'though'. 'I like Paul, the new boy at school' 'He gives David the evil-eye during the whole lesson, though, and David is your best friend.' = but he gives David the evil eye the whole lesson and David is your best friend. The first is grammatically correct the second is not.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? David es un perro
A: David is a dog
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? David, porque no volvío a jugar?
A: Why didn’t David play again? (En tercera persona) David, why didn’t you play again? (En primera persona)
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? David ___ three novels in the last two years. In this do I put worte/has written/has been writing ?
A: Has written
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? David como viene a trabajar todos los días?
A: How does David get to work every day?
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? Could you please tell me what David O'Russell is saying exactly between 1:35 and 1:38 ?
A: "that's why the rhythm changes half way through" - is that the bit you meant?

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Q: As David said, we better call the meeting off. We'll do it when all the members are willing, as now Sarah and Tom are sick, and George isn't in town. .......................... What's wrong with this sentence? does this sound natural?
A: I think I made it more clear I didn't add any information :) and using the expression " as now " isn't correct that's why I added the sentence
Q: And I guess that you and David bravely accept this sorrow . does this sound natural?
A: So it does sound natural but with out much context this phrase would need more detail to make sense. For example what sorrow? Why is it brave to accept it? This only matters in context, but the actual phrase is fluent.
Q: David Bowie's "Life on Mars", the lyrics, "It's on America's tortured brow That Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow". 1) What is "America's tortured brow"? 2) Has Mickey Mouse become a caw? or Has he raised a caw?
A: "brow" is the forehead. "America's tortured brow" seems to have the image of America frowning and being unhappy. Mickey Mouse has grown up into a cow. "Mickey Mouse" is a symbol of American culture and this suggests it has turned from something cute into a cow. This is poetry, so it's not exactly specific. : )
Q: This is about Mr. David Blaine who has the world record of holding breath for 17 minutes. He mad...
A: Thanks, now I understand your question better. Here is what the boy said: “Yo, D: If you really held your breath that long, why did you come out of the water dry?” Another way of saying this is: “Yo, D: If you were ACTUALLY under water for so long, how come you didn’t look very wet when you came out of the tank?” The boy believes that David Blaine has tricked the audience, because he does not appear to be wet enough. Perhaps the water tank was constructed so that he could still breathe? If you go back and watch the video, look closely at David Blaine’s hair when they pull him out of the tank. My hair is short, too. When it is wet, it hangs down around my face. So why does his hair still look styled? Maybe the boy is right! 😱
Q: Sorry , David can not get there cuz he has technical Nursining examination and i am suffering from diarrhea since morning until now , i ve already diarrhea for several times .so so sorry about it does this sound natural?
A: @Aliceee: Sorry, David can not go there because he has a technical nursing examination. Meanwhile, I have been suffering from diarrhea since morning. I've already gone to the toilet several times. I'm so, so sorry about it.

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