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    2. So, in her speech at Harvard, what I paid attention to most is that all you have to do for happiness and success is to express the most truthful version of yourself. Ok, now, let’s talk about Ellen DeGeneres. She has been the queen of daytime TV shows since 2003. But she also went through tough times in poverty to the level of which she lived with a lot of fleas in her bed (which was actually a mattress) in the basement apartment. She used to live with so much fear and shame for hiding that she’s gay and for not being who she really is. So, she didn’t want to pretend to be someone else anymore and came out in the format of a sitcom on the Oprah show. After coming out, she lost her job and received loads of hate and death threats. But she got to come back again after 3 years of suffering and became much more popular and more influential than ever.

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