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Q: What does Dec tahe mean?
A: I don’t recognise this as a sentence. Sorry!
Q: What does Dec mean?
A: in most contexts, Dec usually is an abbreviated form of "December," the 12th month, when written in dates, like "25 December 2019"

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? “it’s available till 2021” does it mean it s still available until Dec of 2021??? sorry i dont really understand the word till and untill ...
A: till is the same as until
Strictly speaking, until 2021 means it won't be available after 1/1/2021.

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Q: On Dec 17th, Jonghyun the member of ‘SHINee’ passed away due to circumstances being investigated as a suicide. And his final letter posted on social media. In the note, he suffered from depression. He wrote

“I’m broken from the inside.”

“The depression that has slowly nibbled me away has now devoured me, and I couldn’t overcome it.”

“No one alive is more tormented nor weaker than me.”

“Becoming famous was probably not my life. They tell me that’s why I’m having a hard time. Why I choose that?”

The conclusion of the letter is “Even if you can’t smile, don’t send me off blaming me. You did well, you did well. Goodbye.” does this sound natural?
A: yes it sounds natural, and poor jonghyun i’m still sad about that incident.. :(
Q: I will arrive at Dec 15 does this sound natural?
A: ..on Dec 15.
Q: Dec 10〜11 ②

But,a problem happened in the evening.To my dismay,my wallet disappeared.
Several hours later,I was able to find my wallet.I learnd the importance of managing my baggage well.
On the second day,we got up early in the morning,and we were able run the whole distance safely on Shimanami Kaido by noon.
In fact,I had ridden in Lake Biwa and Awaji Island by bicycle in the past.So,this cycling was slightly simple for me.
And we went home by car after our going to Arima Onsen,and having eaten roasted meat. I was tired very much,but was fun at all because I was able to take a lot of good pictures.
Shimanami Kaido is famous in Japan as a sacred place for cyclists.
If you like,you should come to ride a bike too.

I think my sentences don't flow as smoothly and I made some mistakes.
please tell me appropriate expression.
A: I would write:

Dec 10th-11th

I had a mishap in the evening. Annoyingly I misplaced my wallet.

Several hours later I found it again. I need to learn how to manage my bags with more care.

On the second day, we got up early in the morning and cycled the entire distance of Shimanami Kaido without issue by noon.

I had cycled in Lake Biwa and Awaji Island in the past, so it was not so difficult for me.

We then went to Arima Onsen and ate some roast meats. After this we went home by car.

I was very tired, but it was fun and I was able to take many good photos.

Shimanami Kaido is famous in Japan as a sacred place for cyclists.

You should ride your bicycle here as well, if you get the chance.

Q: Please correct errors.
16 Dec 2014
Today I went to a bank with grandmother to assist her. She wants to buy cancer insurance. Although it has an age limit to buy but luckily she is barely allowed for it. Actually she is over the age limit few months because her parents registered the birth of their daughter 3 years later. So that when she was young, she used to have troubles by her official date of birth year. Not only she had been treated as younger assistant from "really" younger than her but also she couldn't get a senior welfare programs when she got old enough. Finally, she was happy with it today.
A: Today I went to the bank with my grandmother to help her. She wanted to buy .... Although there is an age limit she was able to purchase it because her parents registered her birth as three years younger than her actual age. When she was young, she had a problem with this because she was treated as being younger by those who were actually much younger than her. Also she wasn't able to get her senior benefits until she was older. But today she is happy with it, due to the fact that she was able to buy the insurance.

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