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    2. Beide sind möglich. Der erste Satz wäre eigentlich "Denny gets lost," (ohne Apostroph) und ist eine einfache Aussage. Der zweite bräuchte ein Komma, um Sinn zu machen "Denny, get lost!" und wäre dann ein umgangssprachlicher Befehl und bedeutet so viel wie "Hau ab!"

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    2. I went on a school trip with my classmates and teacher from the 8th of April to the 13th of April. We first cycled from Reggio Emilia to Gultieri where we then visited the museum of Antonio Ligabue ( ) - a famous Italian painter known for his mental problems and attitude to mutilation. Later we had dinner and slept inside a hostel, near the river PO’. The next day, we had lunch, then got on our bikes and went cycled straight towards Mantova. The first day was much harder because before then I’d never done so much cycling in one day, however I began getting used to it and I started to enjoy cycling. The best part of this experience for me was the fourth day. On the fourth day we left our second hostel - it was 20km away from Mantova - directly to Mantova by crossing the river Mincio on a ferry. At 11pm we picked up our bikes, put them onto another boat which brought them along with us. When we arrived we met our tour guide, who was called Danny, he was a really cool guy who taught us how to whistle using a leaf, how to make a small boat using a leaf and other interesting things. He told us he grew up there so he knew the area very well; every corner of the river and the many species that live there. I took the opportunity of being there to see a lot of animals such as swans, ducks and many other strange birds with thin necks. There were a lot of them and some were fighting, while some were just flying instead, showing us their huge wings. Our journey to Mantova took 2 hours and once we were there we took our bikes and explored the city . The funniest part was when Danny whistled and a swan who Danny tamed named Sergio came over near the boat and started kissing Umberto, one of my friends.

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