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    2. I am a weak drinker. I do not drink alcohol regularly. One day, I saw a (...) ad, and it made me curious about the taste. So I went to the Seven and tried it out. It tastes really good and only contained 5% alcohol, which is less than other drinks. Before I knew it, I started drinking wine. I do not have a lot of wine knowledge, so I cannot discriminate between a good wine and a bad wine. Sometimes, I drink a sweeter wine when I have a meal with co-workers, but I worry because drunk driving is dangerous. It is banned in Korea. Recently, there have been crackdowns on drinking and driving. If the police catches you, you will pay a large fine as penalty. If you cannot control your drinking, you may become an alcoholic, which makes it difficult for you to stop. You may experience symptoms like itchiness, insomnia, and shaking hands. You will meed to reduce your alcohol consumption little by little.

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