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Q: What does What means "ain't"? and how can I use it?

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Diego mean?
A: ain't is the short form of am not; are not; is not. So you'd use it if you wanted to shorten those words. "You are not the only one" = "You ain't the only one"
Q: What does you like Diego tío mean?
A: Te gusta alguien quien se llama “Diego Tio”

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Diego duerme a las 7 p.m?
A: Diego goes to sleep at 7PM.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Diego é burro
A: Diego is dumb
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Diego está demasiado enfermo.
A: Diego is really sick.

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Q: Diego is looking for excuses to not to hang out with you does this sound natural?
A: Or Diego is looking for excuses not to hang out?
Q: Diego coast's heart already left Chelsea, and is aiming to AT madrid.
Diego coast who is a strike of Chelsea broadcast in(with?) Instargram, wearing AT madrid's umiform on last 16th. does this sound natural?
A: Diego Coast's heart already left Chelsea and is aiming at AT Madrid.
Diego Coast, who is a striker for Chelsea posted a picture on Instagram wearing AT Madrid's uniform last month, on the 16th.
Q: Diego Botero's padre muero de un ataque al Corazon cuando Fernando tiena 4 anos. El tio de Botero fue su influenciado por el estilo barroco de las Iglesias caloniales. does this sound natural?
A: ok thank you
Q: Diego Velazquez nacio en Seville Espana en el ano 1599. Fue bautizado en el 6 de Junio 1599. Se caso en la Iglesias de San Pedro con Joao Rodrigues de Sivla. Murio en el ano 1660 does this sound natural?
A: alright thank you!

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