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    2. I don't think "diversed" is a word. "Diverse" and "diversified" mean the same thing.

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    2. I actually have a diverse number of hobbies I like doing in my free time. It's not "prefer" as "prefer" is comparative and you're not comparing it to anything. "Diversified" is not really used, we used "diverse" "Good amount" isn't really used either. "Number" makes more sense as it implies there is a "good amount."

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    2. It appears you’re talking about the start of the century (past), so you could use “At the start of the century” or “By the start of the century”. “Diversified development” can be used to describe construction projects, but it looks like you’re talking about the arts. “Strengthened capacity” needs an explanation of capacity for what - population? Even then, capacity can be increased, not really strengthened. I️ think you mean that strong economies and diverse cultures allow art forms to blend and develop, so here’s my suggestion: “At the start of the century, societies around the world became more diverse and more economically developed. This has provided many opportunities for art forms to blend and learn from each other. It is in this type of environment that Hip-Hop culture can thrive.”

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    2. Sounds a bit unnatural, just need to add some prepositions. I also gave you a sample of speaking this. Try this: "Japan is facing an aging population and a low birthrate. In 2054, I'll be 60 years old and the world’s population will increase from approximately 7 billion to 9 billion. However, the Japanese population will decrease from 130 million to less than 100 million! This means that in 2054 almost half of the Japanese population will be over the age of 60. In other words, this is an economic imbalance of workers and people of retirement age. Each member of the younger generation would need to pay their insurance so that each of senior generation could draw from their pensions. Furthermore, when I am 60, I will still probably live for at least another 40 years. And I believe it’s impossible to live without working. For this reason, I know I'll have to work when I'm 60, even if it's not my own choice. This brings to me the second point. In Japan, it's common sense to study for 20 years, work for 40 years and then, relax for 20 years. However, I expect these customs will disappear. In the future, we will have to choose from diversified ways of life. We can study anything concerning our interest, whenever, wherever, and about whomever. It will be the norm to get a side business, or to own a business, and/or to change jobs. I can work when I turn 60 because society will most likely shift in this direct. I do believe this is a positive change. Even though I have no idea what I will be doing in 40 years, I hope that I will be having a great time doing a job I enjoy. To make sure that I enjoy my life now and when I am in my sixties, I plan on studying a lot and learning as much as I can."

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    2. It occurs to me that linguistic differences are universal. Even within America there are various dialects, which implies that English must be more diverse, as it covers several English-speaking countries including the UK and Australia. This is also true of Korean. Even within small areas of the nation one can find variations in words and pronunciations referring to the same concept.

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    2. Hi. i can't send a Pdf with Hinative so i'm sending you the link from my Google Drive so you can view and download the Pdf. please let me know if you can view and download your resume. please check if my editing satisfies you. :)

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