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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? "Doritos"
A: Doritos

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Q: "Doritos has launched a new campaign for Gen Z that doesn’t like overt advertising."
"Actually, just the triangle and the word ‘Logo Goes Here’ remind us of Doritos." does this sound natural?
A: "Doritos has launched a new campaign, targeting Gen Z that doesn’t like overt advertising." "Actually, they just use triangles and the words ‘Logo Goes Here’ to remind us of Doritos.” (use~to~) (also "make us think of ~" , is maybe better than "remind us of ~". 'Remind' is missused by many Japanese native speakers.. it is kind of okay here.. )
Q: What does "downed Doritos with gusto" mean?
Did Ederson dropped Doritos suddenly?
Did Ederson torn up a Doritos package suddenly?
Something else?
A: Gusto is similar to "Much enthusiasm" "Great Enjoyment"
To down something is to consume vigorously. When we drink beers we say, Down the hatch! Wow, you downed that drink in no time!
Another way of saying that sentence is, he quickly ate doritos with much enthusiasm.
Q: We don't have Doritos here but I did try them once during my trip to Turkey.

does this sound natural?
A: It might be better to say "Doritos in (place/country)"

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