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    2. It's a series of questions that only people from a specific area will understand the meaning of and know the answer to. I honestly have no idea what any of these mean, but I'm sure that someone out there does.

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    2. ‎Day 6: AUCKLAND- FLOCK HILL: Waking UP at 8a.m. TODAY YOU WILL discover the Flock Hill. You will take THE train for TWO hours and arrivE at the park at 11 a.m. HERE YOU WILL HAVE TWO HOURS TO ENJOY THE SCENERY and at 13:00 THERE WILL BE A picnic. The afternoon WILL BE quitE, tranquil AND peaceful. LATER you WILL BOARD the bus for 30 minutes to go to the Hotel Christchurch WHERE, AT the restaurant you will taste another specialty of the country, THE MEAT PIE. Day 7: CHRISTCHURCH- DUNEDIN: TOday, you WILL go to Dunedin, you WILL have THREE HOURS ON THE bus AND EN ROUTE you WILL stop to visit Elephant Rock. IT’s A rock SHAPED LIKE AN ELEPHANT in the sea, IT really HAS the shape of an elephant. HERE you CAN listen TO the sound of the sea, it’s A very peaceable TIME . Then you BOARD THE bus BACK to Dunedin AND STAY IN the hotel Larnach Castle Lodge for THREE nights.

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