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Q: Ebola may become a "treatable disease"
because two new drugs showed
90% survival rate in clinical trials in
Congo. Does this sound natural?
A: @Victoria_Parkes Thank you very much for your help!!
Q: "We need to start looking beyond Ebola." What does it mean?
A: 语境不够,但是我的猜是 "We need to look at other communicable diseases too, now that we are starting to get Ebola under control."
Q: I hear that there's a serious Ebola spree in New York now.
Does this sound natural?
A: だいたいいいんですが、spreeの代わりにfuss / outcry にした方が正しいです。(spreeというとエボラ自体が流行ってるって意味になっちゃいます。でも一人だけなんです。) ところで僕の友達はその病院で働いている (°_°)

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