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    2. ​​I don't know how much gray hair mom got more?( I don't know how many more gray hairs my mom have) And I never ever hold dad's hand despite just once( and I never held my fathers hand even once.. The word despite doesn't fit) My lover, I still let her waits( wait) Few buddies, it's been a long time haven't meet as we're too far.( met- sentence doesn't doesn't sound natural- close friends, it's been a long time haven't seen you in awhile since your so far) There's mistakes that I haven't fix yet Some lyrics that I've just written half song( writen half of the songs lyrics) Though I knew there's nothing ( that) last forever But Gee, I don't want to die tomorrow There's journeys I'll walk till the heel effete(?) Head to the far destinations that I dreamed when I was a kid There's toys I hadn't( haven't ) got enough money to buy yet I have battles that I haven't enough kind to lose( this one doesn't make sense) So, give me more time to get friends(,) meditate enemies I thought my eyes are light but ego is too blind( doesn't sound right ) I thought I'm ( I've )grown but it's just my body (that has) grown I thought I've known how to share but indeed I'm just warming myself I haven't known that I'm happy yet till I look at deep life( doesn't sound right) I thought I knew what is pain after my first love was broken I thought I already had enough experiences when I( the words when I doesn't make sense -to) never ever get hurt If I'm dead now, so ( take out -so-) what does my life mean? Hope that helps lol..

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