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    2. "spare fundings" No fundings are spare, replace with "spare funds" "is spent" Plural of fundings/funds, replace with "are spent" "Thus there are less available money" Money is uncountable, hence replace with "Thus there is less available money" "for investments for in other sectors" Invalid, replace with "for investing in other sectors" "would benefit to the population" Not correct, you cannot benefit to something, replace with "would benefit the population" "setting a developing economy" Not very natural, replace with "developing the economy" "neglected which" Add a comma between the two words "for the health sectors" 1. "on the health sectors" 2. There are multiple health sectors in economy? Double-check that, possible replacement is "on the health sector" "care which" Add a comma between the two words "spiral of debts" Debt is cumulative, it's better to say "spiral of debt" "are alternative investment" You're not defining them but explaining, say "are a type of alternative investment" "These funds are alternative investment that buy capitals from accredited individuals or institutional investors and invests" Lots of repetition of "invest", remove institutional investors, change to "These funds are a type of alternative investment, which buys capital from accredited individuals and puts money into [a variety of assets...]" "Debts-wise" Cumulative, use "Debt-wise" Replace "trials" with "Court trials" due to ambiguity "coined" refers to the creation not of businesses but of words in languages. Replace with "formed" "Paul Singer, Elliott Management Corporation" This makes it imply that these two formed a company, replace with "Paul Singer, called Elliott Management Corporation" "they succeeded their investment" Unnatural, replace with "they successfully invested" "american assets" National adjective, replace with "American assets" "if it was not for the constitutional clause used by US President George W. Bush." Perhaps specify what clause exactly? "debts could" Replace with "The debt could" "thus" doesn't need commas, replace "thus, damage" with "thus damage" Treat "hedge funds" as a singular phenomenon and thus replace "[...] are real threats" with "Hedge funding is a real threat [...]" " 'Beggars can't be choosers' " Put a comma after this phrase "debts is a constraint" Change to "debt is a constraint" "[...] to development" Is unnecessarily stretched, reform the sentence to say "Debt constantly hinders the development of economically-underdeveloped nations" "Even if on a short-term basis, being indebted is less of a hindrance than an assistance, on a long-term basis, " Really strange structure (and a spelling mistake), reform entirely to: "Being indebted, even on a short-term basis, is less of an economic burden [...]" Also, "being indebted is less of a hindrance than an assistance" Why would assistance hinder you in any way?

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    2. @Tony_Dyz, Thank you for your comment.

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