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    2. When the high-energy electron orbit is changed for some reason, x-ray is emmited out along the tangent direction of the electron orbit. This is called Synchrotron X-ray.

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    2. Excellent job. I’ve made a few changes, most of them that I’ve omitted are conversational idioms that sound too conversational when you are writing an essay. Very few mistakes, and certainly at the level of most high school students in the US. Perhaps better. Congratulations. What attracts people to living in capital cities? * Opportunities * Ambition * Variety. Generally speaking I would say that living in cities has an array of advantages. The first aspect I would like to mention is opportunities. Not only can we find a myriad of job opportunities in different fields, but we can also work self-employed IF (or AS LONG AS) the market is ample enough. When it comes to educational opportunities, we can find a plethora of universities and institutions which train students in different areas of knowledge. Furthermore, there are private and public universities, DEPENDING ON THE FINANCIAL STATUS OF THE STUDENT. In regard to ambitions, I would say that living in cities allows people to have a better standard of life, SINCE we can MORE EASILY FIND A POSITION THAT IS SUITED FOR our educational background. Were you to yearn to buy a house, there are a wide range of possibilities according to your budget.(SOUNDS TOO CONVERSATIONAL AND CASUAL. I WOULD NOT SAY “that pops into my head. Just omit it or replace with “that comes to mind is that”). Another example is that the likelihood of working in an enterprise where you can be promoted is higher. As far as variety is concerned, it goes without saying that an array of entertainment activities can be found. We can go to SHOPPING CENTERS, cinemas, restaurants, theaters, amusing parks, just to mention but a few. There is always something to do at reach of everyone. ( Change “the shopping center to shopping centers, to keep it in the same format as the other examples you give: cinemas, restaurants, etc). (I would replace The other side of the coin (sounds too conversational) with ON THE OTHER HAND, IN THE CITY we are exposed to greater contamination (or POLLUTION), PRIMARILY FROM VEHICLES THAT burn fossil fuels and also contaminants EMITTED BY FABRICS. (Omit let alone. Too conversational). ADDITIONALLY, the hustle and bustle of the city can can provoke strain (or STRESS) in our lives. Furthermore, we need more money to survive and obtain our livelihood, inasmuch as in cities aspects such as the nourishment, the housing, efucation, just to mention but a few can be more expensive. IN SUMMARY, (to sum it up sounds a bit conversational) I would say that there is virtually no doubt about the benefits that come from living in the city. (Or “that living in the city brings).

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