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Q: What does Employers also need to be aware of cyclists' needs.These usually range from secure cycle racks to prevent theft, to the provision of showers and lockers. (what is secure cycle rack and shower?) mean?
A: what is tha question about your saying let me know cycling is just cycle for enjoying for just for fun and and it is exercise for health and what is shower. and lockers provision by cycling
Q: What does Employers no longer think that the number of employers an individual has worked for provides the best measure of loyalty. mean?
A: thanks 😍😍😍😍

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Q: Employers have to give a severance pay when they fire employees does this sound natural?
A: Awesome job.
Q: Employers need to pay their employee's commutation.
does this sound natural?
A: Your welcome.

The most natural would be:

"The company pays their employees travel expenses (ex. daily commute, etc)."
Q: Employers are obliged to grasp the physical and mental health status of employees and to strive for health management by the Labor Law in Japan. does this sound natural?
A: Employers are obliged to consider the physical and mental health status of employees and to adhere to the Labor Laws in Japan regarding health management in the workplace.
Q: Employers who manage the workforce are aware of the importance of working comfort and ensuring that everyone has the right conditions to perform their duties. does this sound natural?
A: "Working comfort" should be:

"Working comfortably"

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