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    2. "So we're not supposed to answer without thinking we'll. Employers want to hear about great motives for any course of action. Last Friday, for the final interview, I was interviewed by five executives when one of them asked me how come I decided to start a part-time job at a gas station, since women typically don't choose such places for employment. Being nervous I panicked, and answered thoroughly that my intention was the need for money to study abroad and the convenience of flexible work shifts. I should've instead said that perhaps I was looking for a job with novelty or anything else but that!" This is how I would personally rephrase it! Your mistakes was simple syntax and grammar, nothing too major though because of that you might've missed me at the context of things so do consider my rephrasing as a reference! Look out at being efficient with your writing, make your motive clear and use adjectives to your convenience! Hope this helps!

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    2. Employers are obliged to consider the physical and mental health status of employees and to adhere to the Labor Laws in Japan regarding health management in the workplace.

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    2. Females are discriminated in many positions and jobs. Employers are always concerned about having to cover costs for maternity leave, so they always want to know the female employee's marital status and plans to have children. Regarding this phenomenon, the Chinese government has taken steps to combat gender discrimination which benefits the economy's development. A law has been passed that employers and recruiters who engage in gender discrimination in job interviews will be punished. Additionally, more serious violations of the law such as (you might want to include an example of what's more serious) may result in further disciplinary actions.

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    2. Q1. Yes, the sentence lists two factors: 1) weather 2) gains in previous months. Q2. "Payback" does sound somewhat strange, but I think it this case it means "effect". "Outsize" = extremely large. So "payback from outsize gains in prior months" = "effect from extremely large gains [in employment] in prior months". In other words, because jobs grew so much previously, it is only expected that the growth should pull back a little.

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