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    2. I know it has been a long time since you wrote this but, The people of Merry Mount were dressed in costumes and dancing around the maypole to celebrate the marriage of Edgar and Edith. The party was stopped by John Endicott and his puritan followers. Endicott orders that all the people of Merry Mount should be whipped, except Edgar and Edith. He was impressed by them, but told them to put on plainer clothing.

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    2. The Puritans attack the people. Endicott cuts down the Maypole(tall wooden pole). He hurts the captive Merry Mount people by whipping (beating them with a whip) and such. He tells his people to shoot the dancing bear because he feels that witchcraft(dark magic;;) is in the bear. He faces Lord and Lady of the May(name) and notices beauty in their youth (young age, probably 15-25?) that seemed pure and high. The May Lord asks Endicott not to hurt his wife, while the May Lady cries, "be it death, and lay it all on me!"(She is saying that she chooses to die instead of escaping) Endicott feels affectionate/touched(maybe surprised) by the couple's love. He thinks that the couple's love is unique(different, special) for settlers of Merry Mount. Endicott thinks that the two are able to reform (change something to improve it) and thus, want to reform. He puts a wreath(google this, go to pictures) over the couple's heads. The couple followed the Puritans, without wasting one regretful thought on the vanities of Merry Mount. (implies that the couple do not want to feel angry/sad that Puritans attacked Merry Mount. They do not want to think about their pride in Merry Mount)

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