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Q: What does I'd still enjoy conversing with you in English if you want to, and perhaps for me to learn a little Japanese since I have zero basics in it. :) mean?
A: It means they want to keep on talking to you so that you can get better at English. They are also asking if you can teach them some Japanese because they don't know any (but only if you want to)
Q: What does English is silly. mean?
A: 色々な解釈がありますが、要するにsillyって何か少しい悪い意味があります。だけど、この言葉は強くなくて子供っぽいんだと思います。

it most likely means : English is weird! (it does not follow rules!) (which is sometimes true lol)
Q: What does How's your English mean?
A: 意思是:
Q: What does your major now is English subject? mean?
A: Your "major" is what you study in college.

Q: What does 😀Native English speakers only😀😍Know what it is to be in love. 😍 mean?
A: Yes but it means you know from experience.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with what do you say "너가 집에 잘 들어갔는지 걱정이 돼." in English
it is really confusing whether i shoud use "i'm worried if ~" or "i'm worried that ~".
A: I'm worried about my friend. I hope she got home okay.

I'm worried if all goes well, I shall never see her again.

I'm worried that people will think badly of me.

I'm worried about my friend walking home alone.

I'm worried if all dogs go to heaven that there won't be room for me.

I'm worried that my bank balance is getting lower every day.

I'm concerned about my friend.

Q: Please show me example sentences with English speakers love to use “kind of”. I want to know several example sentences that you very often use..
A: “I’m kind of hungry, but I’m not ready to have dinner” “I kind of speak *insert language*, but I am not fluent yet.” “I am kind of tired, but I don’t want to go to bed.”
Q: Please show me example sentences with Please explain it in English or easy English “It stood a strong chance of not being able to pay” .
A: To "stand a good chance of" means "It is very likely that". "It not being able to pay" means it doesn't have enough money to pay for something.
So the sentence means something like "It is likely that it cannot pay".
Q: Please show me example sentences with how to use “worth” in English .
A: It was worth it.
Q: Please show me example sentences with her English skill+my English skill+equal.
A: I'm not sure what you're asking, but I'll try this example sentence:

My English skill is good, but it's not equal to a native speaker. I want to improve my English skill.

Synonyms of "English" and their differences

Q: What is the difference between I am getting better on English and I am getting better at English... which one is correct ?
A: @foooz: I am getting better at English is the correct one🙂
Q: What is the difference between English(US) and English(UK) ?
A: Differences between British English and American words (vocabulary) There are many British words which are different to American words. For example:

A lorry is a slimmer truck.
A lift is an elevator.
A fortnight is two weeks.
A chemist is a person who works in a drugstore.
A dual carriageway is a freeway.
Q: What is the difference between I want to be as proficient in English as a native speaker. and I want to be as proficient in English as native speakers. ?
A: "I want to be as proficient in English as a native speaker."

This sentence is stating that you wish to be as proficient in English as one native speaker in general.

"I want to be as proficient in English as native speakers."

This sentence states you wish to be as proficient in English as native speakers of the language overall.

The first sentence has a singular meaning while the second sentence is plural and includes a larger demographic of people (in this case it would be native English speakers as a whole rather than just one).

(I'm sorry if this is confusing at all. If you have any questions about my explanation I'll do my best to clear it up.) ^ ^
Q: What is the difference between The researches are in English. and These studies are written in English. ?
A: "The research is in English"

"researches" doesn't exist

"The research is in English"
"The research is written in English"

I think it's the same. Maybe "is in English" is more natural
Q: What is the difference between I've been good at English and I'm good at English ?
A: Actually I don't think "I've been good" means that you are not good anymore.

"I am good" is only referring to here and now.

"I've been good" means that you are good now, but it also means that you were good in the past and you continue to be good.
For example, you can have a conversation like this:

A: Hey, are you good at English?
B: What a stupid question. I've been good at English. I have been living in the US since I was a kid!

(You can also say "I am good at English," but in this situation, B wants to emphasize that they have been good at English for a long time.)

Translations of "English"

Q: How do you say this in English (US)? What do you call it in English?
A: Yes, in general, a cover could be considered larger than a lid, but not always. Also, lid is usually only used when it is a cover on the top of something. Also, a lid can only ever cover a hole in something while a cover can cover a hole and cover the whole object as well. To make things even more difficult, there are some occasions when only one or the other is correct. For instance, a teapot has a lid; a box has a lid; a dustbin has a lid; a drain can have a lid or a cover, but a manhole only has a cover!
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? What sounds more natural "How can I say "слово" in English?" What is "слово" in English?

I'll be glad to get other appropriate varients.

Thanks in advance! :)
A: Actually I think "How do you say слово in English?" sounds the most natural. Also, it means word.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? スパンコールで出来たアクセサリーは何と言いますか?

What should I say in English about accessories made of flip-sequins ? like this accessory.
A: In this case, it is not written as 'sequins', but rather 'sequin'.

If you were talking about each individual bead you would use the plural, but otherwise using it as a material for accessories, clothes, etc. it's just written as a singular form 'sequin'.

The term 'flip-sequins' is only used for when you can reverse the color by brushing over it like in the picture.
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? please teach me how to say it in English Thank you so much
A: 모든 사람이 이 세상에 자기 의지에 상관없이 부모님에 의해 태어나게 되잖아
Everyone in the world is born to their parents, regardless of their will.
문제는 그 사람들이 어느 나라에서 어느 부모님한테 태어나느냐에 따라 성장 환경이 달라질 수 있고, 더 크게 보면 그 사람의 인생에 큰 영향을 줄 수 있다고 생각하거든
The problem is that the country you are born into and the parents you are born to can change your environment, and if you look at the bigger picture, it can have a big impact on that person's life.
나는 종교에 대해 별다른 편견 같은거 없거든
I don't have any kind of prejudice against religion
오히려 옹호하는 편에 가깝다면 가깝지 별다른 생각은 없어
But if I'm closer to the defensive side I'm close?? ["별다른 생각은 없어"?? "I don't care"?? 이 문장… 이해가 안돼요 ㅋㅋ 미안해요]
근데 이거 한번 봐봐
But look at this for a second
이 나라는 99%이상이 이슬람인데
This country is more than 99% islamic
이 말은 자기 의지에 상관없이 이 국가에 태어나면 그양 자연스럽게 이슬람 문화에 들어가게 된다는 거잖아
This means that regardless of your will, if you are born in this country you are naturally entering Islamic culture.
그래서 나는 솔직히 물어보고 싶어
So I want to honestly ask
너는 무슬림이 어떤것이고 무슬림이 된거에 어떤 생각과 감정을 가지고 있는지
What kind of muslim are you and what thoughts and feelings do you have about being muslim?
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? How do you say 눈을 마주치지 않다 in English?
Do not make eye contact

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Q: I can get used to listen to English with less stress by watching Movies. does this sound natural?
A: × I can get used to listen to English with less stress by watching Movies.
✓ I can get used to listening to English with less stress by watching movies.

Q: it has translated from Chinese into English, I think there're some mistakes!! Id like someone to help me to explain to me because I didn't get what this girl meant by I accept defeat master, you are disciple has a long way to go before reaching your level
A: Kind of hard to say not knowing whats going on in the story (lol) but ye I would say the translation could have been a bit more natural. If I had to guess I would say she's being sarcastic when she says she 'accepts defeat' and by 'disciple' I'm assuming she means herself and that could also be sarcastic as disciple would mean an obedient follower but by the way she slammed into him, I'm guessing she's not. 'Reaching your level' could also be sarcastic, actually mocking him (with the rest of the sarcasm) by saying he's not as impressive or high as he thinks he is.
Q: Please show me how to pronounce routine in English.
A: @saraaisa
Q: Which is more popular to say ''チップ'' in English, tip or gratitude?
f.e.) This is a tip for you. or This is a gratitude for you
Or simply, '' This is for you.''
A: If you are giving the someone extra money you say “ here is a tip “

If you are eating at a restaurant you do not give it to the waiter, instead you leave money on the table when you leave. Giving money directly to the waiter is strange and will make you seem ignorant.

Also do not feel like you need to tip someone, you will not seem like a bad person but it is better to leave some money.
Q: How to say in English: "Esa es la razón por la cual estudio inglés"
A: That's the reason I'm studying english.

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