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    2. Hiking would be hike instead

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    2. The scene takes place IN the evening, DURING the late fifties, in the USA. A policeman comes INTO a dinner after work, SITS at the counter and orders something to eat. There IS no one inside except a waiter. ‘Hey Bob, long time no see! Do you remember me?’ asks the waiter who IS standing behind the counter. ‘Hmmm….Is that you, James ?’ replies Bob. ‘ You really HAVE changeD, I DIDN'T reconize you !’ The both remembered the past to the sizzling song of the radio. (?) ‘Clack' A child with a red bundle enterS the restaurant. He staggerS and seemS traumatised. The cop comeS closer TO him and saYS kindly : ‘Young man, close that door, come over here and sit down. What happened?’ The child tells us THIS story : ‘ parents died when I was a baby the orphanage I'm being bullied and NO ONE WILL help me so I'VE decided to run away.’ confessES the orphan with a quaveringly voice. ‘ It's been three days SINCE I RAN AWAY: I'M hungry and I see this restaurant…’ ‘ I see… ‘ said Bob, he sighS and turnS to the waiter. ‘ We can let him in this ONE TIME James, right ?’ ‘ I think so!‘ , declarES James ‘ Firstly I propose you take him to the police station….Hey boy ?!’ ‘Blurp.' The child is SICK and throwing UP on the ground. ‘Oh my..wait I will take him to the toilet !’, saYS James Bob startS to clean up the VOMIT when he noticeS a strange thing: near the pool of vomit he see a viscous liquid which IS flowING out of the child's bundle. The MUSIC ON THE radio STOPS and the voice of a journalist ringS out in the dinner : ‘I've got a news flash for you. On this 21th october 1958, a terrible thing HAS happened: EVERYONE IN AN orphAnage was found dead in our town. We BELIEVE the perpetrator actED while the residents were asleep. This is A veritable carnage. The investigating officers in this case suspect a blond 7-year-old named Jack. Do not approach this child, under any circumstances, he is dangerous… ‘ ‘ARRRRGH' A scream cOMES FROM the top floor followed by aN UNMISTAKABLE thud.

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