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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Hello Everbody
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Q: Which one is correct? Everbody uses internet. OR Everybody uses the internet.
A: Everybody uses the internet
Q: Everbody knows that shipwrecks are full of treasures. These create tensions between archaeologists and treasures hunters that are not easy to solve. One wants to preserve history and the other one wants to live their passion. does this sound natural?
A: The only problem is that it should be "treasure hunters" not "treasures hunters." Other than that it's perfect. Nice work!
Q: Hello Everbody, I am Living in Mexico, Where are you from? does this sound natural?
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Q: Everbody knows Japan is an aging society. But it's not only humans that are growing old; many of the pets, cats and dogs, that are kept in Japanese households now are quite old as well, presenting another kind of aging-society problems. does this sound natural?
A: Presenting yet another age-related issue for Japanのほうが自然です。 文章はちょっと硬いですが、悪くないです! エッセイっぽい感じがします。

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