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Q: What does Expletive. mean?
A: In Gramer it has another meaning. I just an example. tahnk you.
Q: What does Expletive mean?
A: Hope this helps! :)

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Q: How you look if you used Expletive Infixation, which like abso-freaking-lutely, in conversation?
For example childish, delinquent, smart, foolish or so.
A: That's a good question! I think we do this with profanity because it softens the profanity or adds humor to the emphasis. Abso-holy-lutely and fan-excellent-tactic just sounds like random words put together to me, but abso-freaking-lutely sounds like it has a purpose, mainly that the you are not saying $@&!#%!! absolutely!, but making the words into kind of a sing -song cadence, softening the profanity but keeping the emphasis, if that makes any sense. But I'm afraid that I have no definitive answer for you...that is just my guess.

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