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    2. "This painting is beautiful, but it's so old that the paint is starting to look flaky." "The dry winter air is making my skin flaky and itchy. I feel so gross!" "He always says he'll come hang out with us, then he cancels at the last minute. He's so flaky. I wish he could just make a plan and stick to it." "The main idea of your paper is ok, but it seems rather flaky. In some parts you argue for it very well, but in others you seem to actually be arguing against your own idea.

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    2. In my experience, I'm sure it varies from place to place and person to person, flaky is usually associated with someone who never follows through on plans or has a habit to cancel last minute. "She has been real flaky lately...I don't even want to ask her to go anymore because she will probably say no. "He is a great guy but sometimes he can be a bit of a flake."

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