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    2. Overall, your letter is easy to understand. Just some improvements/corrections: Dear Friends, someone told me about your trip to my country, Brazil. You're such rich guys. Hahaha! Awesome! So let me help you with your travel itinerary because I know you better like your being claustrophobic (phobia with crowded spaces). I'll recommend you some activities that you can do and enjoy while you are there. For your first and second week, go to "Florianopolis" island on the south of Brazil. Take time to explore this magnificent island, stay in the little houses found in Rosa Beach and try to make all the trails of this beach. In Pinheirinha Beach, visit the "morro dos macacos", enjoy the nightlife and parties at P12 and other small pubs. On your third week, go to the Curitiba state. Tour the botanical garden, steel opera and the city of "Morretes and Antonina". After, take a train on Curitba to Serra Verde. You will witness the breathtaking landscape on your train ride. You can also enjoy the good food and wines in the middle of your trip in the gold class. Also, hike on the complex of Marumbi's mountains. During your last week in Brazil, enjoy the famous Rio de Janeiro. Visit the "serra da Itacoatiara" and do hiking and trails of this place. On the midweek, go to the city and visit the "Cristo" and "Pão de Açucar". And finally, spend your last days by relaxing at the awesome resort Mata de São João in the state of Bahia. I hope you will enjoy your trip in Brazil! Cheers!

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