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    2. go out swinging = do something all the way to the finish in an intense or determined way, like a baseball player who strikes out or a boxer who keeps punching even though he is losing The storm was going out swinging = Even though the storm is about to end, the storm is still very intense; it will still do a lot of damage to the regions it affects

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    2. He (Shawn Cruz) is talking about the U.S. and China reaching an agreement and ending the trade war. He isn’t talking about the stock market boom. He is remarking that investors won’t react to promises on this regard (U.S. and China) and they won’t push the market higher, because they have become numb to promises on this matter. The reason being that there have been previous positive announcements by the White House, one of which was that the U.S. and China are 90% done reaching an agreement and it turned out to be not true, which he is quoting. The whole article is about that the market can’t go higher, and what he said supports that premise, not contradicts it.

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