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Q: What does This GM should taken their roll to active in server and watch.. mean?
A: A dice roll in a tabletop game like Dungeons & Dragons. a GM is a gamemaster, a person who hosts and referees the game.
Q: What does GM Korea’s labor union is already up in arms over the announcement, mean?
A: "Up in arms" means they're ready to fight because of the announcement.

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Q: why is it written"GM foods"? food is uncountable
A: Foods = Produce (продукты) that can contain elements of gene manipulation, such as soy or corn.
Q: GM! ^^
Can you help me with this text?
A: Está bien
Q: What does GM mean? in Silkroad online game or smt like that
A: Game master. Usually an employee of the game company. They have special powers inside the game, and can help players, or punish bad players.
Q: We can understand that not to eat GM food is absolutely safe! does this sound natural?
A: @daikipod: it's not clear if you're saying GM foods are safe to eat or not.

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