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    2. ‎At the birthday party for a friend of my daughter, her father shared his hobby with me. He likes gaming and Geocaching is his favorite real field game. I downloaded it and opened an account at his home. The next day, I explored my neighborhood with my daughter, looking for some treasure boxes that someone had hidden in places that people would just pass by without noticing. When we found the first box, my daughter was excited and wanted to try to look for the next one. I have heard that people hide boxes all over the world. It is a lot of fun to go and explore other states and countries.

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    2. Geocaching - Enrich Your Trip (if it’s a title go ahead and capitalize) Are you tired of going on trips with your parents to the same old boring places? Would you rather do something more adventurous but without letting them down? Try Geocaching then! The main goal of this activity is to find a box with specific items. You don’t need much; just a backpack, a snack, a GPS, a pen and the locations of desirable caches. (collocation is the action of arranging things next to each other) Then you’re ready to go! Whether it’s forests, mountains, or even just a corner of your house, you can go geocaching anywhere. The possibilities are endless. (changed a few things to prevent a run on sentence and make it flow better by cutting up the run on sentence. also changed limitless to endless because it flows better) The charm of this activity lies within its flexibility. You can adjust it according to your needs, regardless of your gender or physical skills, because each cache has its own level of difficulty. Besides, there are plenty of caches all over the world. You can meet new friends, discover new places, or just re-explore old ones in ways you’ve never dreamt of. Overall, Geocaching is a great way to stay active and spend a day with your friends and family. There are lots of websites with great tips and more information, so join the community and just have fun. Why not give it a shot? this was really well done, good work! makes me wanna go geocaching and inevitably get lost in the woods despite GPS :p

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